July 2, 2010

Summer fun!

So, I've been in Pennsylvania for just over a week and it's been great. I know I told you what happened my first few days here, so lets continue. Last night was "Short Skirts & High Heels" out at the bars. It was a ton of fun, and damn did we look good! I'm slowly becoming the girly-girl I was a long time ago. Thanks to my wonderful friend, Carrie! Between eyebrows getting waxed and then getting my nails done, like I used to, I don't think it could be better. When we shop, the rule is that if I can wear it to work I'm not allowed to buy because I need some clothes for just me. Carrie and I chatted the other night and decided that it might be alright if I move down here permanently if I can find a job as a paraprofessional or medical assistant making at least what my contract is for the 2010-2011 school year. I've been having issues with my computer because my anti-virus software has expired and nothing seems to be opening. I'll get it figured out, not too worried about it at the moment. Things are going well for me here in Pennsylvania. I like it down here, and I seem to be getting along alright with Carrie's friends. And that's kind of nice, because then I don't feel left out when we're all hanging out. There shall be more to come as the summer goes on and details worked out for me to stay here. And when we find a bigger place, I'm sure there will be plenty of pictures.

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