July 9, 2010

no summer blues!

Well, since the last time I posted a lot has certainly been going on! Carrie and I have been boating again and we helped one of her friends hang some really awesome pictures on the walls of her house. Yesterday we went to New York City. My first trip back there since 8th grade! Carrie and I were on a mission to rescue some friends whose car died on their way into the city for vacation! But along rescuing said friends, we were able to have lunch in Chinatown and we went to Ground Zero where you can watch all the construction going on for the memorial that the city is building. Off to one side of the construction zone is a place where you can see what the memorial will look like when it's finished. And let me tell you, it's going to be wonderful. From what I could tell, there's going to be reflecting pools along with a few new towers that will be put into place. These new towers are going to surpass the buildings that have remained standing since that horrific day in history, just like the World Trade Centers did!! I believe that the new towers will add new dimension to the New York City skyline, that just doesn't look real without the towers to greet you when you drive into the city!!!!!  To continue with what my summer has brought so far. After returning from the city last night, Carrie and I went to the Gingerbread Man or G-Man, to watch the band Emily's Toy Box. They are really good and the guys are super nice!!! Carrie is needless to say, friends with the drummer and lead vocalist, which makes meeting the guys even easier. They played the first set, which started with one of their own songs and went onto "Don't Stop Believin" when the lead singer gave Carrie the microphone to keep the lyrics going! It was awesome! I still don't know why she didn't pursue a career as a singer and even audition to be on Broadway! The set continued and Carrie and decided we wanted to dance, so Scott moved the tables back for us, to give us a little more room to move around! The band took a short break and returned for their second set. They played a couple of songs and then the lead singer pulled me in my chair to the front, because SOMEONE (Carrie) told him my birthday was next week and we weren't going to make it out to the bar the night of my birthday, and she wanted me thoroughly embarrassed. Well it worked, and it was quite funny too. He told everyone it was my birthday and that I shouldn't be buying any more drinks for myself. He continued to ask if I was single, which if you've known me long enough know the answer is yes. So, Mike (the lead singer) told the guys in the bar to buy me drinks! Mike then continued to dance in my lap and then let me return to my friends. It was truly a great night, though after the two shots fo whiskey, I was feeling pretty good. Tomorrow, Carrie and I are headed to the lake for some Navy picnic thing. And then I believe it's movie night at a co-workers place with ice cream and toppings! Not sure what the rest of the week entails. Next Thursday I will officially turn 27, which to some women might freak them out to be that close to 30, but honestly I'm not bothered by it at all! I may not feel the same in another year, but for right now being this close to 30 is not that bad. Maybe it's because I get to share my birthday with my sister and it makes her closer to 30 than me. If only by a few minutes, but still closer. Well, I'll keep you posted as the summer progresses! 

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