July 12, 2010

Summer news!

So, as it stands so far I will be looking for a new job down here in Pennsylvania so that I can move in with Carrie. It took a lot of tears, talking to each other, and talking to my parents to make the decision. It's not that I never wanted to move, the thought just scares the shit out of me. Carrie has been an awesome friend and understands where my fears come from. My parents support me no matter what my decision is and will always be proud of me. My tears flowed at just thought of leaving my parents back in New Hampshire and I gave Carrie every excuse I could come up with as to why I can't move down here. It's not permanent until I can find a job that pays what I would make for the next school year or more. Tomorrow, Carrie and I will have to jump my car tomorrow so that I can go out and drop off resumes at the School District Offices in the next couple of days. I don't have a whole lot of time, because I need to give the school a two-weeks written notice. And after I talked to mom yesterday, I've talked to her about four times. I know that I will probably be on the phone with her every day once I'm used to being down here without her. I talked to Sara yesterday and I'm not quite sure how she feels about it because I told her I may not be able to get home for dress shopping with Katie. I know she wants me there, but she's going to have understand that I may not be able to make it. I just want her to be happy for me, and the fact that I'm finally taking care of what I want. I told her that I needed a big favor from her, and that was that it was her turn to take care of mom and dad. She said she was passing that baton to Jerome, but she needs to help them out because Jerome isn't always going to be around or in the area to help. I know that I can call Steve, but sometimes he's not good for dad because of the drinking he does. Anyways, that is what's going on at the moment. We have a pretty calm week planned. My birthday is Thursday and we might go to the bar after Carrie gets out of work, but I'm not sure yet! Keep you updated!!!!!!!!

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