January 3, 2011

Just an Update!

Well, Christmas has come and gone. It was a good holiday with the family all together. Sara and Adam spoiled us way too much. Sara got me two shirts, a necklace, and a book. Mike gave me a book series called THe Hunger Games, and some hand-made gloves. I got a Vera Bradley wallet with cash in it from mom and dad, along with a gift card to Target. It was a good Christmas. I also received Twilight Saga: Eclipse and NCIS: Season 3 in my stocking.
     My dad got completely spoiled, which is a good thing. Mike and Sara framed his Bruschi jersey, I gave him an autographed mini-helmet of Tedy Bruschi, mom gave him a Wii, and Mike gave him a Cd and movie. Adamm had bought tickets for yesterdays Patriots' game, but dad couldn't go because he's got an infection in is incision. He goes back to the doctor this week to see how the antibiotics are working.
      Adam got Sara a laptop for Christmas, so she'll stop using his and can take it to class with her. They really spoil each other. Sara will start dress fittings, probably in April. My aunt said she would go as long as she had enough notice.
       Sara and I got new pictures taken for mom for Christmas. She loved them. Sara's friend Jill took the pictures. We had so much fun and laughed a lot. We put one picture in the frame and gave mom a couple extra pictures to go along with the frame.
       Vacation wasn't nearly long enough, but there's another one in February. And hopefully that vacation finds me in Florida enjoying the sun. Then I'm hoping to be in Pennsylvania in April when Carrie is home from Basic. We'll have to see what happens because I'm looking for a job anywhere I can get one.
       Mike's birthday is Saturday and then he flies back to Milwaukee on Sunday. Donna is playing in a hockey tournament this weekend. Hoping to get up at least Saturday afternoon to watch. I can't believe Sara's wedding is in just over seven months. It doesn't seem possible. Hopefully the other two girls go to the bridal store this week or next to put the deposits down on their dresses so we can get them ordered. Now I need to start working on her bridal shower and where to have it. I would just do it at the house, but it's not big enough. It's alright because I know I'll find a place.
      I'm still working in the sixth grade and now I go down to fourth grade from 10:00 to 11:15 everyday. It's crazy what they're doing with our schedules. And I never did find out why it was me who got moved and not someone else.
       Anyways, I'm going to work really hard to find a job somewhere else. A job that has benefits :)

Later y'all!!!!!

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