December 3, 2010

what's new?

So, I thought I'd write just to let everyone what's been going on. I'm still enduring the college search. My brother was home over Thanksgiving and edited my second draft of my essay; I've rewritten it and emailed it to him to edit again! I have such an awesome brother!!!! His visit home wasn't nearly long enough, but it never seems to be! I took him and Shereen to Portsmouth on "Black Friday" and we walked around a bit and had lunch at the Friendly Toast. It was a lot of fun to have the family here for Thanksgiving. The only people that were missing were, Sara, Adam, and Scott! Then the house would have been complete!!!!! I'm still looking for a job in the medical field. Who knows what will happen in the future.

I got my first letter from Carrie and was so excited to hear from her! She's doing well at boot-camp and will be glad to receive as many letters from me as I can send! I'm hoping to go down to Pennsylvania in April after she graduates basic training and AIT! I guess that's all for now. Later y'all!!!!

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