October 12, 2010

Life as I Know it!

So, I have officially started the application process for college. Man do I feel like I'm in high school again. Trying to write essays for college applications is not an easy task to take on. I will get through with the help of my family and friends. Speaking of friends; I have been spending time with a friend that I grew up with. We went to school together, we didn't really keep in touch after high school. We got back in touch when I was in Pennsylvania and we started hanging out together since I've been home! It's been really nice to have someone to talk to, and we talk about everything. I was at his place the other night, we watched Avatar and then stayed up talking until 3:30 in the morning. I can't believe how much we talk when we are together. We've gone out with his kids to see the foliage, which wasn't very pretty, but it was still a nice day! We have a good friendship going on right now, and maybe that's what we both need. We're going out tomorrow and Friday, and he said that he would help me with my essays if I wanted him to. I'm going to see if he'll with the personal choice essay. My best friend, Carrie is leaving for basic-training in a few weeks. I'm sad that she's leaving, but very very proud of her. She'll be home for a visit before she leaves and I'm sure we'll hang out. Right now, I guess that's it. I will keep you updated on my college endeavors as the arise.

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