August 15, 2010


Well, it looks like I will be moving back to New Hampshire on Saturday! I had an interview at one school in the State College Area School District, I ended up not getting that job, but the pay was less then what I would make at home even though they include benefits. I need to go back home for me. I wish I had a good reason why, but I don't. I told Carrie, and I know she's a little disappointed, but she's alright with my decision. I will be back down to visit as much as I can. And hopefully back down next summer before my sister's wedding. My computer, I think, as shit the bed!!!!! I'm hoping that when I get home, I can figure out what's wrong with it. Tuesday, Carrie, Scott, and I will be walking around Penn State Campus so I can get some pictures, just in case my computer's gone. And then Thursday we are going to celebrate her birthday before I leave with a trip to G-Man to see Emily's ToyBox. It should be a lot of fun and hope a lot of her friends and co-workers show up. So long, for now.

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