August 3, 2010


Well, it's August now and things are still going pretty good. I have an interview on the 11th at Easterly Parkway Elementary School. Fingers are crossed, but I'm not putting everything into getting this job. It's important for me to make more than what I would at home because I'll be paying for rent plus all my other bills. Everyone has been really supportive of me and it makes me feel good and that this is a good decision for me. I'm still nervous about moving down here, but I know I'll be fine in the end. I have friends here that will help with the transition and are being supportive whether or not I get to stay here! I'm looking forward to the up-coming planning of Sara's wedding events! I know there's still a year left, but there's a bridal shower to plan and a bachelorette party to take place! Dress shopping for the girls is the next big thing on the list! Not sure what's going to happen with that because Katie and I will be in burghundy dresses, while the bridesmaids will be in black dresses! Black is a little easier to shop for, because the shade isn't going to change from fabric to fabric! We'll see what happens. Sara's gown is ready to be picked up at the shop and brought to mom and dad's for safe-keeping! She is going to be an absolutely beautiful bride and the dress she pickd is totally my sister. It shows her personality amazingly. I realize that my thoughts are kind of scrambled together, but right now that's what's going on in my head. I do apologize for those who have a hard time following the thoughts here, but to me, a blog is like a diary and I should be aloud to ramble. My heart is not breaking so much now for my friends who lost their son! It's getting a little easier every day to think about them without wanting to cry! They received my letter and told my dad that they were very happy to have received such a heart-felt letter from me. I thought that a sympathy card was just not enough, so I sat down and wrote them something special while choosing the right words that I wanted to use! My parents are going to stop by their place to go out on the boat, for a little while. I believe this will be good for both my parents and the Stimsons. They still haven't buried their son yet, but I believe it's because of the arrangements that have to be made at Arlington! I am so glad that his final resting place will be in such a place of honor! I know that it may not help his family heal thinking about it that way, but who knows, it just might! Anyways, I got a call from my friend Sultan at about eleven o'clock this morning. It was nice to wake up to his voice on the other end of the phone! I haven't talked to him in quite a few weeks, so it gave us a chance to catch up wtih each other. He's doing well and is glad that I'm doing well. I haven't seen him in about a year, but we keep in touch with phone calls and emails, so I guess it's alright! Carrie and I have been looking for apartments on the internet with the hopes that I'll get the job here. We've found a couple that we really like, though have to wait and see if I'll be able to afford the move. It's been interesting looking for apartments and thinking that Carrie will be my roommate! I don't mind the idea, it doesn't scare me, it baffles me to think that I will be sharing a place with a person whom I hve known for the better part of twenty years! And, I do believe that it may just excite me a little to think that I will be leaving the town that I have spent the last twenty-seven years living in with my parents! I know that I will miss my family and friends back home, but I also know that this will be one of the best things to happen in my life!

Well, I guess that's it for now. Gotta eat dinner and get ready to go to Champs for Matt's birthday!!!! GOOD NIGHT Y'ALL!!!!

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